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manxsocial has been updated to Mastodon 1.6.0

See for detailed changelog. has been updated to Mastodon 1.4.7


Report any issues to @admin has been updated to Mastodon 1.4.6, with a few cherry-picks from master branch for swipe-gestures on columns & media.


report any issues to @admin

Ok we are back online after a slight hiccup - please report any issues to @admin or

Currently processing a server upgrade, will reboot soon so there will (hopefully) be a few minutes downtime 🤞

Our social experiment is still underway and the pseudo account 'Libre Webb' has now broken 1000 friends on Facebook.

That's 1.2% of the 83,314 residents on the island (source: 2016 census) .

Albeit some of those 'friends' on Facebook are inevitably not from the island and not everybody on the island uses Facebook, just another 82,308 to go..

Finally got round to updating to Mastodon 1.4.3


In a little over a month has received over 10,000 unique visitors, unfortunately only 383 of those have been logged from the Isle of Man and only 55 users registered.

Understandably people's attention is elsewhere during the TT period but we're​ hoping that the community can continue to grow into the future.

If anyone would like to get involved in bringing community internet services to the island then please get in touch!

Well it's pretty basic at the moment but I finally got around to getting the blog up and writing an initial post about

More in depth news and developments will be posted there and linked here.

Feedback and comments are always welcome. 😀

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Currently building & designing our blog which we will use in order to properly outline the goals of this project and to better convey site news such as updates, proposed plans, etc.. Stay tuned!

This world map of Mastodon instances & users is currently showing 344 users in the Isle of Man - WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?! :)