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Better late than never .

I'm Ash from the Isle of Man 🇮🇲. Full time Linux engineer and ex-developer but still do hobby projects.

Work primarily using and but delve into other areas.

Obsessed with cycling (for utility, not sport), more pedestrian friendly projects and better public transport . Try my best to do the best for the world where possible.

Happy to join the !

Turned out it wasn't even covid, even though the girlfriend tested positive 🤷‍♂️

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Just saying.



Think I have covid again. Feels a lot worse second time around...

This little monkey has been keeping me up all night jumping on my head but who can be mad at a cutie like this?

Feel so jealous of other countries having proper trains rather than our tourist ones 😢

A very good girl has been for her first jab and is having a skeet around the car

Just an fyi for anyone running for if you get:

derphttp.Client.Send connect to region 999 (headscale): GET failed: <nil>: DERP requires connection upgrade

in your client logs make sure you are upgrading the connection in your reverse proxy, eg. for nginx:

proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
proxy_set_header Connection $connection_upgrade;

@ChrisLAS I just seen this, although I know it doesn't really benefit Tailscales business side it is great to see support for the community to use headscale with the Android app!

Wow, been running this Mastodon instance for the last few weeks and already have 50GB of media cached... Think I need to set up some automation to clean up 😅

Microsoft ❤️ Open Source*

* Free labor they can exploit and resell at a premium

One in a million shot. #photography #lightning


Crazy photo from tonight’s storm sent to me by Debbie Parker from Hardy County, WV. 😳

I can never quite wrap my mind around why people don't open windows on buses, like do you hate air or something? Buses are never cold with the amount of heating on...

Can someone please explain to me how you have the confidence to just post your general thoughts on here or anywhere for that matter?

I always feel so worried about posting anything and don't get how people do it!

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