@ash I was just about to say welp you're on an instance of Manx people..

Then realised you run it. Well done in getting that domain damn, what a gem of a domain.

@jase yeah, I normally use my own domain for stuff but I decided to just buy it and see if people are interested in using it. I want to make a localised place for people to talk as it's only a small island without all the guff that comes with for profit social media...

There's a lot of people I know that don't like social media and I plan on adding some bridged accounts for local services so that people can access critical info without needing an account to Twitter/Facebook as they miss out 😟

@ash All the best for you 🤗 Absolutely wonderful island IoM is.

Fun little fact when I visited for few days back in 2018..

Was late in the evening heading back to my hotel, walking back from the pub by the tram/horse and carriage terminal..

Dropped a wrapper or something which took about 5 times to catch because the wind..

Person watching, must of been a chimney sweep or something.. who said made sure I picked it up.. I spent about 10 minutes trying to tell him that he kind of looked a bit like Nicholas Cage.. the name just wasn't coming to me, and I tried saying by the guy who tried stealing the declaration of independence.. no luck. 😂

I was so infuriated my mind was just completely blank 😂 Kind of feel he was playing with me with not knowing who I was talking about xD.

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